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A Fundraiser That’s Totally Out of This World

What are your plans for this Saturday, April 26th? Cancel them. We have better plans. Plans that are fun and benefit children. Yes! It’s 826CHI’s annual prom fundraiser! This year’s theme – Prom 9 From Outer Space: A Galactic Romp Through the Retro-Futuristic Cosmos. Attendees will forgo ill-fitting rental tuxes and bustling taffeta for all manner of tin-foiled, … Continue reading


One Fundraiser To Rule Them All

What are your plans on Saturday, April 27th? Cancel them. Yes, cancel those, too. We found better plans. Plans that are fun and that benefit 826CHI. Forget everything you know about high school prom, because 826CHI is bringing you Promic-Con 2013: ONE PROM TO RULE THEM ALL. At 8pm on April 27th, come to the … Continue reading