Keith at the Feast of Fun Show

UPDATE: Now with video

This past Friday Essay Fiesta co-creator Keith Ecker performed an all-new essay at the most unlikely of venues…a gay bathhouse.

But not to worry those who are weak of heart or strong in religious convictions. There was no crazy hanky panky. The comedy variety show, which also featured drag queen Teri Yaki, musician Stephen Leonard and Essay Fiesta alum Cameron Esposito,  was produced by the guys at the Feast of Fun podcast, the number one gay podcast in the world.

Keith did a dirty character essay, dressing up as his sex-crazed grandfather who slept with the stars. Tawdry tales of trysts with the likes of Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stuart and FDR were told. Consider it period pornographic flash fiction.

Keith Ecker

You can listen to the show here or click on the image below.

Feast of Fun


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