Essay Fiesta’s Talented Friends

Here’s a round up of some of the great things past readers of Essay Fiesta are up to.

  • Bryan Bowden may have wowed you with his tale of bicycle riding at Essay Fiesta, but now he will completely hit you over the head with a laughter frying pan courtesy of his new video sketch (P.S. Next week we’ll be posting another Bryan Bowden sketch featuring Essay Fiesta producer Keith Ecker).
  • Remember Andy Bayiates tale of love and love lost? Want to be soothed by his siren-like voice once more? Now’s your chance. Listen to Insects and Robots, a weekly radio show/podcast that features Andy’s work.
  • Finally, a bit of sad news. Our lovely reader Mary Wagner (who also generously donated some amazing framed photos for our raffle) suffered the loss of her aunt recently. Mary has paid homageĀ  to her late relative with a touching article and posted photos to memorialize her life.

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