Alyson and Keith Take Over the World

First, thank you everyone who made it out to Essay Fiesta last night. We raised nearly $100 for Howard Brown. If you didn’t make it, here’s just a taste of what you missed:

  • An essay about how pimping really is not easy
  • An essay about how the movie The Toy starring Richard Pryor was more than just kids’ stuff
  • An essay about pooping in a bowl and eating said poop…for corporate sponsorship
  • An essay about living with Cabbage Patch Kids in light of a recession

Next Essay Fiesta is on April 19th, and we have a really amazing line-up, which we’ll be announcing shortly.

As to the title of this post, the reason why it reads as such is because, well Alyson and Keith are taking over the world…very slowly.

Keith was recently featured in a video short written by Essay Fiesta alum Bryan Bowden, filmed by Essay Fiesta videographer Elizabeth McQuern and co-starring Chad Briggs and John Bohan. We’ll be posting it later this week after it’s shown at Second City.

Alyson was contacted by a radio producer who caught wind of her Matt Dillon song via the blog. She’s in the process of recording the song to be played on said show. More links to come on that as well.

Finally, Keith and Alyson performed a two-person sketch at the delightfully joyful show Entertaining Julia, hosted by Essay Fiesta alum Beth Stelling and the hysterical Puterbaugh Sisters. For the bit, Keith beat up Alyson who then knifed him in the chest. Ketchup was rubbed generously all over Keith’s body to represent blood and a nearly naked song and dance number to “When Doves Cry” ensued. Chaotic bliss or bizarrely stupid? The world may never know.


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