Give Inner Peace and Janna Sobel a Chance


Last night, Alyson attended Essay Fiesta alumni Janna Sobel‘s Sunset Meditation class, and it was fantastic! If meditation has always been a mystery or intimidating to you, Janna’s class is a place where you can ask questions and just be guided by a great person dedicated to this practice.

The hour-long mediation, which is done lying down, is  hosted at Janna’s lovely Andersonville apartment every Sunday from 6 to 7 p.m.

Slowing the chatter in one’s mind is invaluable to one’s overall health and well-being, indeed! Alyson slept better last night than she had in weeks.

A $5 donation is recommended, but Janna just asks that you pay what you can. That’s some good karma! To sign up for next Sunday (spots are limited), email Janna at:


2 thoughts on “Give Inner Peace and Janna Sobel a Chance

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  2. Hi Janna I hope you get this Its Lenore Roberson your friend you meet on the train. Hope all is well Let me hear from you

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