Essay Fiesta Subscribes To The Poco A Poco Methodology

“Poco a poco” is a Spanish term that translates into “little by little.” We here at Essay Fiesta hail the simplicity of this philosophy. Because it’s true! And with our perpetual busyness, it’s the only way things get done around Essay Fiesta Land.

The Poco a Poco method incorporates the principles behind the saying, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” (Unless you’re hopping along your journey, in which case it begins with one hop).  The point is, whether you’re an artist or a businessman, realizing a dream takes courage and dedication. Essay Fiesta has found that remaining true to Poco a Poco lessens the uncertainty and feeling of being overwhelmed.

So to boil it down, Poco a Poco is concentrating on one task at a time and remaining true to your vision.

Essay Fiesta’s Alyson went to Peru last year and that’s where she discovered the saying “poco a poco.” Here’s a fun youtube video of a Peruvian playing a song called “Poco A Poco”. Disfruta!


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