Essay Fiesta Reads Through The Summer of 2010

Well, it’s coming to a close.  Summer. Those two months of flip-flops and lemonade are drawing nigh.  Sigh. With that, Essay Fiesta would like to recommend some end-of-the-summer reads to close out this sunny season.

Alyson just read Jeff Garlin’s My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World. This is one of those books you read in two days, it’s that good.  Garlin, a Chicago native most famous for his role as Larry David’s manager on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, chronicles his journey to lose weight and be greener. Neither feats are easy, and Garlin’s honesty and humor make for a refreshingly poignant summer read. Alyson recommends it, big time!

Keith is reading The Dramatist’s Toolkit: The Craft of the Working Playwright. This is one of those most-have books for anyone that wants to be a dramatic writer. Author Jeffrey Sweet deconstructs the elements of drama in an easy-to-digest manner. From structure to character to conflict, Sweet walks you through what it takes to write a compelling scene, act and play.


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