Essay Fiesta Recommends The Artist’s Way

As we say goodbye to summer, is anyone finding themselves in a bit of a creative slump? Well, Essay Fiesta‘s Alyson Lyon isn’t afraid to say that she’s felt slumpy before. When the slump gets to be a bit too slumpy, Alyson turns to the Artist’s Way.

What is the Artist’s Way? Well, it ain’t no mumbo-jumbo! It’s a 12-week course designed to reinvigorate one’s creative self. Daily journaling, weekly exercises and excursions help get you unstuck and into some really fun habits. You can do it alone or in a group! It’s for anyone creative (which is everyone!) from any discipline.

Ultimately, we owe it ourselves and everyone else to keep the lines of creativity open and flowing. And that there, dear blog readers, is one of the highest tenants of the Essay Fiesta way.


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