Get To Know Noelle Krimm

Sorry we didn’t post anything to the blog yesterday. Essay Fiesta was busy doing some behind-the-scenes work, and we ended up being too tired to touch our computers. But now we’re back on the blogging wagon, and we’re here to tell you about another one of our fantastic readers: Noelle Krimm!

We first saw Noelle, who has one of the best names we’ve ever heard, performing an amazing, interactive piece at the weekly live magazine show The Paper Machete. She wowed us so much that we had to ask her to perform for you all.

Noelle, is an alum of the Neo-Futurists, and as we all know, Neo-Futurists tend to be some of the best writers and readers in the city. As an ensemble member, she wrote/directed/performed Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.  Noelle also created three Neo-Futurist prime-time shows: City Girl!, Alice, and Fear and has appeared in and/or co-written many more including Devolution, SEX, and Poker Night at the White House.

We are so happy to have Noelle with us this month. Join us in our happiness Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar.


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