Essay Fiesta Supports The Starving Artist Project

Essay Fiesta fans are obviously fans of the arts. That’s why we thought you’d like to hear about a new show that our good friend Nellie Huggins is producing called The Starving Artist Project.

The Starving Artist Project is an audience-judged talent show, created to help raise money for local artists from all walks of life. Every month, a local artist (and by artist, we mean all kinds of artists: comedians, writers, visual artists, musicians, clowns…the list goes on) is chosen, by application, to receive part of the proceeds from the show to help support his or her craft.

During the show, as many as 15 participants are given four minutes to perform a talent, and the winner will also receive a cash prize. There will be several raffles throughout the evening and prizes for the audience. The primary intention is to help as many struggling artists at one time as possible, and to fund what we believe to be great artistic visions. Admission is $10 and includes a raffle ticket.

This is such a win-win ingenious idea, people. And trust us: Nellie knows how to produce great entertainment. So check out the show’s premier on Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. at Mary’s Attic (above Hamburger Mary’s in Andersonville).


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