Essay Fiesta Reads The Shallots Web Blog

Do you tire of recycling the same recipes week after week? Are you looking to infuse your diet with some new spices, some new tastes? Help is here. Essay Fiesta recommends Shallots Web, a food blog written by Essay Fiesta alum John Newton.

Shallots Web provides easy-to-follow recipes for all occasions. Recent posts include a delicious looking end-of-summer caprese salad and a ready-for-autumn roasted tomato soup. There’s also cocktail recipes, including John’s natural take on the appletini. Essay Fiesta wants one right now!

John doesn’t just dish about his dishes; he gives a little bit of back story on the cuisine, providing insights into his personal connection with the recipes. Food really is a great introduction to get to know someone!

So visit Shallots Web and make yourself some tasty treats.


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