Essay Fiesta on Literary Chicago and Fun Facts!

Hey you! If you didn’t already know, Essay Fiesta’s one-year anniversary is on Monday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. at The Book Cellar. It’s going to be extra special! We’ve got a great line-up, awesome raffle prizes and more!

Literary Chicago, a great blog about literary things going on about Chi-Town, recently published an interview they did with Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker. Read it today!

Still not satiated? We have even more Essay Fiesta information for you! Like these fun facts:
1. Co-producers Keith and Alyson met on a car ride to a Michigan stand-up show in July 2009
2. The first Essay Fiesta was born November 16, 2009
3. Bryant Dunbar, representing Howard Brown, has given a different, inspiring talk at every Essay Fiesta he’s attended
4. The recording of the Essay Fiesta theme song was done in Keith’s apartment with Keith on guitar, Alyson playing bass (on a guitar)
5. Elizabeth McQuern has videotaped nearly every  Essay Fiesta
6. Mario Calhoun (Keith’s boyfriend) has been to every single Essay Fiesta and has: given out raffle tickets, schleped stuff to and from the show, covered video duties, been an on-going supporter

Just some inside fun facts for ya!

See you on the 15th!!


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