Remembering Ric Hess

Essay Fiesta’s Alyson Lyon worked for many years as a cocktail waitress and bartender at Sheffield’s in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.  Her favorite thing about working at Sheffield’s was the vibe that allowed both artists and sports fans to mix seamlessly.  Ric Hess, co-owner, was a fixture at Sheffield’s and exuded this open-door feel.

Ric passed away last week, unexpectedly.  The news is heart-breaking; Hess was a fiction writer as well and championed for Sheffield’s reading series Reading Under the Influence, which will present original work by Ric Hess on Wednesday Feb. 2.

Ric was remembered on the Sheffield’s website by Markus Sakey, and it’s a very astute picture of who he was and what he gave.

He will be missed.



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