Essay Fiesta Recommends I’m Down by Mishna Wolff

Are you Essay Fiesta fans gearing up for the holiday? We are too! With Labor Day comes the three Bs: Beaches, BBQ and BOOKS! Yup! We love taking our time off to catch up on our summertime reading. And have we got a recommendation for you–Mishna Wolff’s hilarious and awkward memoir I’m Down.

The New York-based writer relates in exceptional detail hilarious and touching anecdotes from her life as a white child growing up in a black neighborhood. From the “capping” education she received on the streets to the ski lessons she learned on the slopes, Mishna’s formative years read like a funny allegory for contemporary social issues. At the heart of her effortless prose is a talent for powerful insights and inspiring candor, making it an incredibly relatable work for readers from all walks of life.

So head on down to your local bookstore (such as the Book Cellar) and grab your copy of I’m Down today.


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