Get Cultured: Essay Fiesta Recommends Theatre

Hey Essay Fiesta fans! We here at the ol’ Essay Fiesta headquarters feel that to be the best writer, you need to treat yourself to a buffet of art. You never know what may inspire you! So grab a figurative plate, saddle up to the salad bar of of the stage and check out these shows:

Trap Door Theatre, one of Chicago’s edgiest small theaters, opens the North American premiere of Werner Schwab’s OVERWEIGHT, unimportant: MISSHAPE: A European Supper this Thursday at 8 p.m. A dark comedy, the play “plunges into the dark, unknowable depths of human longing.” Sounds cuddly! Plus, it’s directed by Steppenwolf ensemble member Yasen Peyankov and starring some of Trap Door’s finest (artistic director Beata Pilch, Jeff -Award winner Nicole Wiesner and company member Geraldine Dulex).

The Goodman Theatre’s Red  is currently the talk of the town. The play, which is penned by Hollywood script writer John Logan, has been receiving rave reviews, including from our very own Keith Ecker. Red explores the mind of the famous abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko by pairing him with a young and curious assistant. The show features a fiery performance from actor Edward Gero.

Redtwist Theatre is a small storefront that is gaining a big reputation. Its most recent production, Elling, is a crazy comedy about two asylum patients who must cope with the insanities of the real world upon their release. Keith liked this one too. A good story, clever comedy and an economic set design make this a recommended play.


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