Alyson’s Essay Fiesta Favorite Things

Essay Fiesta is about to turn 2! Indeed, our November anniversary show (Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar) is approaching fast. And our very own Alyson Lyon is already in full celebration mode.

Here’s some of Alyson’s favorite things about the show:

1. The Readers:  National comedians, published authors, local actors and all around talented folk come and read their stories every month. We’re constantly blown away by our guests. (This just in: Reader Mary Wagner just won “Book of the Year” in the Royal Palm Literary Awards contest. Congratulations!)

2. The Book Cellar Employees: This crew is on their game, bringing Essay Fiesta audiences everything from beer to coffee to soups and cookies. They are the best and they keep us refreshed!

3. Prizes Like Crazy: The past two years, we’ve had an assortment of prizes for our raffle, which raises money for 826CHI. Threadless has been an amazing contributor as well as Chicago Underground Comedy and 826CHI. Degerberg Academy contributed early on with karate classes that brought out the karate kid in everyone!

It’s been an awesome 2 years and we’ll certainly going to throw down on the 21st!


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