Be a Producer!

If you are a fan of Essay Fiesta (or any of the other amazing live lit series around town) and think you’d like to produce a show yourself, there are some fantastic venues that would love to help out.

City Grounds on Lincoln and Dickens is game to host a reading series! This gorgeous coffee shop features a huge upstairs area that would be perfect for sharing stories. City Grounds already hosts Dabble classes (Dabble is an Essay Fiesta sponsor) and they’re incredibly hospitable and generally awesome. Also, In Fine Spirits in Andersonville has an upstairs area with a slew of seating that would be a perfect venue for any kind of spoken word show.

So, if you’re looking to start a night and are scratching your head for locations, scratch no more! Get in touch with City Grounds or In Fine Spirits and get your show off the ground. And be sure and tell ’em Essay Fiesta sent ya!


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