Tweet Tweet: Essay Fiesta Is on Twitter

twitterDid you know Essay Fiesta is on Twitter? Well we are. Kind of. Rather than have a million social media accounts, Essay Fiesta operates under producer Keith Ecker’s handle. @keithecker Pretty easy, right? If you follow him, you’ll get to read about all kinds of amazing things like:

  • Essay Fiesta updates! Yay!
  • Snack news (Keith is an editor of the soon-to-launchy Snackpot website)
  • Legal things (Keith is a legal marketer and publicist)
  • Funny things! (Keith likes funny things)
  • Lit things! (Also something Keith likes)

So if you’re part of the Twitterverse, why not follow @KeithEcker and get all your Essay Fiesta news delivered right to your Twitter feed.

Tweet Tweet!


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