Help the Fullmers: Special Book Cellar Event

Like the binding on your favorite book, the Chicago literary community is tightly woven together. Not in an annoying cliquish sort of way. More in that lean-on-me kind of way, where we can all depend on one another for support, usually just emotionally but sometimes in more tangible ways. This is one of those times.

FullmersOn the evening of May 24, Jon and Amelia Fullmer lost their apartment and most of their belongings to an apartment fire. Although they have renters insurance (thank goodness!), the couple are expecting a child in June and could really use the support during this unforeseen life event. For those that don’t know, Jon is an editor at Knee-Jerk Magazine, a former employee of the Book Cellar and a great guy.

Already, more than $7,000 has been raised for the cause, and the Fullmers are incredibly grateful. If you wish to help, consider stopping by the Book Cellar on May 31st (that’s tomorrow) for a reading to benefit the couple. The line-up includes Essay Fiesta’s own Keith Ecker as well as past Essay Fiesta performers Robbie Q. Telfer and Chris Terry.

The benefit starts at 7 p.m. and will include readings, comedy and prizes. Cash and check donations are welcome as are baby shower items. If you can’t make it but wish to help, consider making a donation via this site that has been set up for the Fullmers.


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