Get to Know Essay Fiesta’s June Performers

Essay Fiesta’s special tribute to Chicago is just around the corner! On June 18, your favorite Chicago live lit event will be honoring the Windy City’s 175th birthday with a Chicago-themed show. Come out to the Book Cellar to witness the amazing literary feats of our esteemed performers:

  • Sam IrbyBitches Gotta Eat blogger Samantha Irby. This woman is a lion! Not only is she tearing it up on the Chicago live lit scene, she also recently became a contributor to the popular Jezebel website.
  • Collaboraction company member John Wilson. If you like to laugh while having your heartstrings yanked, this 2nd Story contributor and thespian will satiate your entertainment appetite.
  • Neo-Futurist Dina Walters. Building on a lengthy history of performance, Dina Walters is a dynamo of storytelling. Don’t let her small stature throw you off. She’s a force of nature.
  • Journalist and 826CHI volunteer Lindsay Eanet. Magnanimously donating her time to 826CHI to help educate the writers of tomorrow, Lindsay is a regular contributor to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency today.
  • Robert BuscemiWriter Willy Nast. He’s a really swell guy and a graduate of Northwestern University’s prestigious creative nonfiction program.
  • BREAKING NEWS: L.A.’s finest Robert Buscemi has just been added to the line-up. Robert has his roots in the Chicago comedy scene, where he gained a reputation for his intelligent use of non-sequitor humor. Bask in the hypnotic glow of this L.A.lien.

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