Gather Round The Festivus Pole With Our December Lineup

Happy Festivus, one and all! Come to the The Book Cellar on Monday, December 15 at 7pm for the annual airing of grievances – er, we mean raising money for 826CHI. We’ll be joined by these five Festivus miracles:

10154397_10203293764494702_2018195754845190571_nLily Be is a momma, a nanny, a friend, and a storyteller. She’s a wise Mexican badass from Humboldt Park with a straight from the hip style of storytelling that has made her stand out in the storytelling community. She is the first Latina Moth GrandSLAM champion, WNEP Maelstrom champ, The Spotty Truth Late Night Storytelling champ, creative contributed of The God, Sex, and Death Variety show,  and host/producer of The Stoop at Rosa’s Lounge. Lily Be is a force. There is really nothing a bio can tell you about Lily Be that her stories can’t do better.

Dave Stinton has been writing and performing in Chicago for 17 years as an actor, comedian, and storyteller. He’s performed at This Much Is True, Story Sessions, The SKALD, and Write Club (where he will be performing December 16 at 7pm, at The Hideout).

Bill-HillmannBill Hillmann is the author of the award winning, internationally acclaimed, debut Chicago novel, The Old Neighborhood. His writing has appeared at The Toronto Star, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and NPR. He’s a construction worker, a former Chicago Golden Glove Champion, and a bull runner in Spain.

Naomi Huffman writes and edits and writes and edits. Sometimes she sleeps, designs, binds books, and bakes pies. Her reviews, essays, and interviews have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Newcity and Bookslut. She co-hosts a monthly nonfiction reading series called The Marrow. Her whole life is books.

ManshipMike Manship is a local playwright, actor, and storyteller who has just released his second book, OFF TRACK, which documents his vegetable oil-powered trek across the United States – a trip during which he swore off interstates, fast food, chain stores, motels, and credit.  Most of his stories worth telling happened on that trip.  The book is available for free on his website,


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