Essay Fiesta Turns 6 Years Old On November 16th!

6th Birthday Badge BikeAs the legend goes, on a brisk Monday evening in November 2009, Essay Fiesta sprung forth into the world from the mind-loins of Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon. And lo, how they gazed upon their offspring with great fondness, until three years later, whereupon they grew tired of the damn thing and thrust it into the eager hands of Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast.

Fast forward another three years. Essay Fiesta is turning SIX YEARS OLD. And it’s growing up so fast! This year it learned how to do basic math, ride a bike without training wheels, and most importantly, use the toilet on its own. (It took six years but we finally potty trained Essay Fiesta.)

On Monday, November 16th, come on down to The Book Cellar at 7pm and join hosts Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast for Essay Fiesta’s sixth birthday celebration. Our lineup features a fully potty-trained round-up of some of our favorite Essay Fiesters:

As always, the show is free. In lieu of birthday gifts, we’ll be collecting happy birthday donations for folks at 826CHI.


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