Batten Down the Hatches for Our September Lineup!

Ahoy! The next Essay Fiesta (as well as the next “International Talk Like a Pirate” Day) draws nigh on the horizon. Methinks ye ought to sail down to The Book Cellar at 7pm on Monday, September 19th for this lineup of jolly good writers and performers (unless ye’d rather walk the plank):

jaoJeremy Owens is the creator and host of You’re Being Ridiculous. We assure you his achievements are many, but that’s all he wrote for this bio. The next series of YBRs will take place on November 5, 12, and 19. Karen and Willy highly recommend you attend.

Brittney Santos is an aspiring fantasy novelist, going by the penname Briari Hallow (pronounced Bree-ar-ee Hallo). She is currently querying agents for her debut novel and trying not to edit it for the billionth time. When not working on her own projects, she can be found moderating and reviewing at (a community for fantasy writers), dabbling in digital art, and helping fellow writers with the cartography for their books.

ali_2Ali Kelley grew up in Connecticut and has spent her twenties in Chicago. She is the host and producer of Story Club North Side, a monthly live lit celebration of true stories. She writes about ‘90s pop culture and teen angst on her blog

Jeff Miller is an author and tall guy from Kent, Ohio. He enjoys the great outdoors, working with young authors, storytelling, and is definitely not, in any way, a wooden puppet come that has come to life. His middle grade adventure/comedy trilogy, The Nerdy Dozen, is available through HarperCollins. Visit to see the goings-on of this human writer, who is certainly made of flesh and bone and not cherry or balsa wood.



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