Our July Lineup Lowers the Boom!

Now that July Fourth is two weeks gone, you’ve exhausted your fireworks stockpile down to a few piddly sparklers. But don’t despair! Come to The Book Cellar at 7pm on Monday, July 16th for this lineup of writers and performers who will bring the boom-pow-crackle without violating noise ordinances:

erica dreisbach is an artistwriter, and computer programmer in Chicago. She’s been a featured performer at The Green Mill’s world famous Uptown Poetry Slam, The Paper Machete, Write Club, and The Moth Grand Slam. She’s the co-producer of The Skewer, a monthly satirical live news revue first Wednesdays at Cafe Mustache. She has three chapbooks, emotionsLOGIC, and Unpopular Marriage Advice. You probably can’t tell from this dry bio, but she is very funny.

Megan Henricks is a writer and performer from Chicago. Her writing can be seen in Craigslist ads, job applications, and several versions of a resume she hasn’t quite perfected yet. She has been described as “a delight” and “that girl with the curly hair”. She is very excited and honored to be performing in this month’s Essay Fiesta.

Chris Bower is a playwright, a teacher, and the author of Little Boy Needs Ride, an illustrated book of short stories put out by Curbside Splendor, with artwork by Chicago artist and jam-maker Susie Kirkwood. He is also the PR representative for The Historic Logan Square Neighborhood’s Cafe Neckbeard, which is a 24 hour, celiac intolerant, experimentally explosive, cash-only, and totally imaginary fine dining cafe, and while he won’t be talking about that tonight, he would be happy to give you a sample copy of a menu after the reading, so you will know about the cafe because that’s what good PR representatives do; get the word out, even when the product isn’t real.

Jasmine Davila has appeared in venues both small and medium sized, reading in live lit shows such as Tuesday Funk, 20×2 Chicago, and Funny Ha-Ha. She is the co-host of Miss Spoken, a lady-centric live lit show at The Gallery Cabaret on the last Wednesday of the month. Find her in most places on the internet as @jasmined.


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