Our October Lineup Knows So Many Words

It’s National Dictionary Day’s Eve! Celebrate with us at The Book Cellar on Monday, October 15th at 7pm. This lineup of effulgent (radiant) writers and performers will put an end to your sonntagsleerung (Sunday depressions experienced before the coming workday):

Mason Johnson has a problem. Two problems, actually: Movie Club, a comedy show he hosts at the Logan Theatre, and Psychotic Break, a mental-illness themed variety show he helps produce at Schuba’s.

Katie Pecho is a writer, blogger, and humorist from Chicago who studied Creative Writing at the University of Illinois and makes her living in the totally related field of cyber security. Her blog, Fill This Out Later, is a collection of goofy stories about smashing her bike into a parked car fully sober and the time she accidentally tripped on cold medicine, and has been followed by such notable readers as her mother and several spambots. She is thrilled to be back at Essay Fiesta for her fifth time.

Jeff Miller is an author and tall guy from Kent, Ohio. He loves stories. He loves them so much he visits schools to talk with kids about the importance of creating and sharing their own. He has no clue what he will be for Halloween this year, and is totally fine with LeBron James playing for the Lakers. Totally fine with it. Visit jeffmillerbooks.com for more info on school visits and Jeff’s Nerdy Dozen books. And again –  he’s totally, totally cool with LeBron playing for Los Angeles. Totally cool.
GH Calle picCalle Hack is a digital copywriter during the day and a freelance writer by night. She has written for Allure, Good Housekeeping, Reductress, and The Takeout. A lot of things in life scare her like climate change, city drivers with strong emotions, and very blonde children. She is a Leo by birth month and accordingly to a recent tarot card reading this is her 5th human life. Here’s hoping she doesn’t go goof this one up.

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