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Writer’s Corner: Composite Characters

There is a common misconception that just because you are writing a work of nonfiction means you can’t take certain artistic liberties. Well, the truth is you can. This is your story, and you get to make the rules. And one of the most commonly used “fibs” in the essay biz is the use of … Continue reading

Stories Serve a Purpose (Says Psychology Today)

Walgreens has everything. Prunes. Baby oil. Romance novels. It’s a grandmother’s paradise! The ubiquitous drug store also carries magazines. And on a recent trip to pick up a prescription, Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker found himself flipping through the most recent issue of Psychology Today a.k.a. Cosmo for nerds. And what struck Keith’s eye was an … Continue reading

The Reader Tackles the “R” Word

There’s a great piece from this week’s Chicago Reader about the use of the word “retard” and our perceptions of those with mental impairments. This is more than just a “Is the ‘R word’ equivalent to the ‘N word’ or ‘F word’” kind of article. It’s a personal essay by David Wilcox, and it’s both … Continue reading