Stories Serve a Purpose (Says Psychology Today)

Walgreens has everything. Prunes. Baby oil. Romance novels. It’s a grandmother’s paradise! The ubiquitous drug store also carries magazines. And on a recent trip to pick up a prescription, Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker found himself flipping through the most recent issue of Psychology Today a.k.a. Cosmo for nerds.

And what struck Keith’s eye was an article on storytelling. The piece, titled “The Inside Story” was penned by Rain Man producer Peter Guber (yup, that’s his last name). The fascinating article does a great job of distilling just why storytelling is so important, not just as an art form, but to society as a whole.

Us here at Essay Fiesta agree completely that stories are important tools that foster empathy, understanding and education. That’s a big reason why we do what we do. If you have thoughts on the art of storytelling and the larger role it plays, leave a comment!


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