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March Literary Madness

March Literary Madness

March! The month in which office productivity is cut in half and intra office gambling increases 700%! Join us at The Book Cellar – 7pm – Monday, March 18th – for some pre-tourney literary mayhem. And bring your short shorts. HOLY CRAP WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS LINEUP. Writer Eric Bjorlin Actor and Storyteller Robyn … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Around Town (and Beyond)

Hi Essay Fiesta fans! If you can’t bare to only see Keith and Alyson do their thing once a month, fret not. The duo frequently perform throughout this fair city and beyond. In fact, Keith just performed at the 43rd Annual Chicago Biggest Liar Contest. Although he lost to formidable opponents Kristen Studard and Don … Continue reading

Hello Michigan and Biggest Liars!

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! This past show was a spectacular tapestry of storytelling, from Claire Zulkey’s piece about living next to a dead body to Jason Economus sharing his love publicly for all the women of his 20s. A funny, touching and magical night! But just because Essay Fiesta is over doesn’t mean the stories … Continue reading

Get to Know: Claire Zulkey

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! It’s Essay Fiesta time. And we have one last reader to introduce to you. It is the absolutely fabulous Claire Zulkey! Claire is a woman of prestigious credentials. She is a blogger for WBEZ and a contributor to the A.V. Club and the L.A. Times. She also is the host and … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Announces February Line-Up

February is for lovers, and coincidentally so is Essay Fiesta. In fact, we consider every show a love fest. We love the Book Cellar, we love 826CHI, we love our sponsors Southport Grocery & Cafe and our partner Chicago Underground Comedy. And most of all, we love you. And we hope you love the readers … Continue reading