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Our July Lineup Would Knock Hemingway Out

Our July Lineup Would Knock Hemingway Out

Put on your Hemingway-shaped party hat and come on out to The Book Cellar at 7:00 pm on Monday, July 21st. Hosts Karen Shimmin and Willy Nast will be joined by a lineup so good, you’ll wish you could sit in a boat with them for days, trying to catch a giant fish. Scott Smith grew up in the suburbs of Chicago … Continue reading

A Hemingtastic Essay Fiesta on July 21st

A Hemingtastic Essay Fiesta on July 21st

July 21st is not only the date of our next Fiesta, but it’s also the day that Ernest Miller Hemingway punched his way out of his mother’s womb in Oak Park, Illinois. Whether or not you were enchanted with his prose when your high school English teacher made you read The Sun Also Rises, you have to … Continue reading

Pictures from Last Night’s Essay Fiesta

Hey Essay Fiesta fans. Last night was an amazing show! We packed the Book Cellar more than ever. Our readers were amazing. Thank you again to Kristin Clifford, Tom Wolferman, Scott Smith, Robyn Okrant and Diana Slickman. Alyson and Keith really can’t express how touched they are that so many people appreciate their little show. … Continue reading

Get to Know: Scott Smith and Kristin Clifford

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s newsletter. If you have not signed up to receive it directly in your inbox, click here to subscribe. In other news, August’s Essay Fiesta is on the 15th, and we are pleased as a pinata to welcome two very talented writers: Scott Smith and Kristin Clifford! Scott … Continue reading

Updated Essay Fiesta Line-Up

August’s Essay Fiesta is hitting the Book Cellar in one week. And boy are we excited! We have had a slight line-up change. See below for the new finalized line-up. It’s full of big hitters! Actor, writer and director Diana Slickman . . . . . . Author of Living Oprah Robyn Okrant . . . . . … Continue reading

Get To Know Scott Smith

Hey there Essay Fiesta fans! It’s the week before our next big show, which means it’s time for reader profiles! Today, we are spotlighting a man who is no stranger to the writing business. It’s journalist and editor Scott Smith! Scott has a lengthy Chicago-based journalism resume. This new media man has worked for some … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Announces September Line-Up

Hey Essay Fiesta fans! Have we got a great show planned for Sept. 20. We’ll be welcoming old faces and new faces alike. Check out who’ll be taking the mic below. Write Club host Ian Belknap Neo-Futurist Alum Noelle Krimm 2nd Story Contributor Andrew Reilly Comedian, Author and Teacher Rebecca Rine-Stone Former Playboy.com Editor Scott … Continue reading