Pictures from Last Night’s Essay Fiesta

Hey Essay Fiesta fans. Last night was an amazing show! We packed the Book Cellar more than ever. Our readers were amazing. Thank you again to Kristin Clifford, Tom Wolferman, Scott Smith, Robyn Okrant and Diana Slickman.

Alyson and Keith really can’t express how touched they are that so many people appreciate their little show. And to think how generous you all are. We raised more than $130 for 826CHI last night. And let’s not forget the amazing employees of the Book Cellar who worked diligently to feed and inebriate you. Good work, crew!

If you missed the excitement, check out the pics below. It was so crowded, Keith and Alyson had to give up their seats! The pictures are courtesy of our very close friend Elizabeth McQuern, who is a photographer and videographer. (Hire her!)

Diana Slickman

Diana Slickman talking 'bout her piles of paper.

Robyn Okrant

Robyn Okrant impresses her parents. (They were in the audience.)

Keith Ecker

Keith Ecker bemoans the youth of today.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith nerds out about comic books.

Tom Wolferman

Tom Wolferman brings the house down!

Kristin Clifford

Kristin Clifford looking angry. (She wasn't angry.)

Alyson Lyon

Alyson Lyon talks about being trapped in a box.

Floor people

We are amused!


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