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Get To Know: Tom Wolferman

Hey kids! Can you believe Essay Fiesta is next week? Allow us to shine a spotlight on our first reader, Tom Wolferman! Tom is a seriously funny writer. His work was recently featured as part of StoryStudio Chicago’s essay contest “You Write Funny Someday.” He’s also been published in such underground zines as the Chicago … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Reader Profile: Rebecca Rine-Stone

With a surname like Rine-Stone, you’re destined for greatness. Rebecca Rine-Stone is the author of Sunbathing in a Body Cast, a memoir-based collection of short stories. Rine-Stone is currently an English instructor at Harper College, she has taught at the Second City Training Center and she is currently an instructor at StoryStudio Chicago. Come hear … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta Is Getting Buzz

Of course you’ve heard about Essay Fiesta. You’re on this Web site, aren’t you? Or did you just stumble here, accidentally, serendipitously even. A pleasant meandering that by the good fortune of the gods has landed you smack dab in the middle of our humble plot of cyberspace. Well, whatever the case may be, THERE … Continue reading