Get To Know: Tom Wolferman

Hey kids! Can you believe Essay Fiesta is next week? Allow us to shine a spotlight on our first reader, Tom Wolferman!

Tom is a seriously funny writer. His work was recently featured as part of StoryStudio Chicago’s essay contest “You Write Funny Someday.” He’s also been published in such underground zines as the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Reader and the Chicago Sun-times.

Tom started out life as an ad man before transitioning into the humorist he is today. (He’s also still also an ad man.) Here’s a slogan for you, Tom: Wolferman! He’ll have you howling with laughter!

So, come on out to see Tom Wolferman’s debut at Essay Fiesta on June 21 at 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar. And don’t forget, as always, there’s a raffle to benefit the Howard Brown Health Center.


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