Alyson and Keith Are Doing Things!

Hollywood London Show Host Jayjay

In case you missed it, the lovely Alyson Lyon made an appearance on the L.A. radio show The Hollywood London Show. She discussed all things Matt Dillon, including her catchy little song, as well as Essay Fiesta. Way to plug us, Alyson! You can now listen to Alyson’s interview on the show’s archives (skip to about the 3/4 mark to hear Alyson’s part).

Tale Tarnished by Time

Keith has also been doing things. He recently reviewed two plays. One’s a big Disney musical. You may have heard of it? It’s called Beauty and the Beast. The other is a long-running Chicago show called Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind (The review will be up soon). It’s produced by the Neo-Futurists, a wonderful theatre group that has claimed past Essay Fiesta reader Andy Bayiates.

Tomorrow Keith has a super special post about a concert he went to last night. Exclusive pictures and some pretty nifty YouTube music videos to follow. Oh boy!


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