Essay Fiesta Wants to Know What’s Up With Matt Dillon

A couple months ago Essay Fiesta’s Alyson Lyon recorded a song she had written for Matt Dillon (the actor). She then uploaded it to YouTube. It was then discovered by LA Talk Radio’s Hollywood London Show, which interviewed her and played the song on air. The good people on the radio show said they’d do what they could to get it to Matt. But that was at the end of March and Alyson’s  like a bad doctor…no patience. Zing! (Yes, we know it’s a homonym.)

So, Alyson wants to put a message out there again for Matt Dillon.  Here it is in its entirety:

Matty D, I think you’re the bomb. And if you didn’t hear my song yet, watch it below. If you ever want to come read at Essay Fiesta, please submit. Essay Fiesta is every third Monday at 7 p.m. at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square in Chicago. You can submit two essays to for consideration. Remember to keep it PG-13 (no swears),person non-fiction and under 10 minutes. Maybe you should come see the show first; I would like to have a margarita with you after at Gracia’s if you’re down. Extra salt. XOXO, Alyson


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