Essay Fiesta Recommends Stories at the Store

Last night, Keith and Alyson were invited by local writer and actress Jennifer Bosworth to read at Stories at the Store, a brand new monthly reading series.

This is a professional job people. Great sound equipment, a wonderful setting, great bartenders, booze, a very receptive audience and extraordinarily talented readers. Also, all readers get an audio recording of their readings…FOR FREE! It’s a great opportunity, and Jennifer is a great gal to be putting on such an entertaining show that gives artists another platform to showcase their work.

In addition, we met local writer/radio producer Matt Miller. Matt produces two shows for 89.5 fm. The first is “15 Minutes,” which showcases local musicians and the stories behind their song lyrics. The second is “Based on a True Story,” which takes everyday people’s true stories and has them get the professional writer treatment. The pieces are then read by professional actors. Matt also runs a literary Web site called The Reading List.


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