Janelle Monae!!!!

Sorry about not posting this super special post until today. There were some technical issues yesterday.

Anyway, hip-hop, neo-soul animatronic soon-to-be superstar Janelle Monae performed two nights in a row at Schuba’s Tavern. If you’ve never heard of Janelle Monae then you are doing your ears a major disservice.

Watch her video from her EP “Metropolis: The Chase Suite.”

She also has a brand new video for her first single from her upcoming album “The ArchAndroid.” The song is called “Tightrope,” and honestly the video does not do this explosion of soul justice. When Janelle did the piece live, the energy flowed from her like sparks. Truly one of the best concert moments ever!

And here’s some exclusive pictures of the concert taken by Keith.


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