Essay Fiesta Hails Write Club

Fight vs. Flight. Mind vs. Body. Heaven vs. Hell. If you want to see some wordsmiths slug it out in a totally entertaining, thought-provoking forum, then check out Write Club. It has overwhelming earned Essay Fiesta’s seal of awesomeness!

Hosted by writer and Essay Fiesta alum Ian Belknap, Write Club takes place at The Hideout, a bar located in Chicago’s body-hiding district.  Six of Chicago’s finest lit folk go head to head in three different bouts, making an argument for their side of an age-old dichotomy. The audience ultimately decides which writer wins the bout. Those who prevail get the glory of having money donated to a charity of their choosing.

THIS JUST IN! Write Club is going monthly at the Hideout. Dates are to be announced, but check back for updates. Essay Fiesta will be all over any breaking news like chest tats on a hipster.


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