Essay Fiesta Loves “Cross My Words And Hope To (Verb)”

Essay Fiesta loves two things: brain teasers and literature. And what better way to combine these two passions than an activity zine that turns original works into the craziest crossword ever! It’s called Cross My Words and Hope to (Verb), and it’s must-have for all you zinesters.

California’s own Emily Alden Foster is the big brains behind this inventive idea. She’s a San Francisco-based artist who, as you can guess, loves crosswords. The zine features art (which you are free to color in) and literature from contributors from across the country, including Essay Fiesta’s own Keith Ecker. If you get stuck or are a cheater, there’s an answer key in the back.

The elusive Emily Alden Foster

Cross My Words and Hope to (Verb) is available for purchase here. It’s only $5 plus a small fee for shipping and handling. Run out and get your copy today!


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