Donate Now To Essay Fiesta

We here at Essay Fiesta don’t ask for much. What drives us to do the show obviously isn’t money. After all, we don’t get paid, the show is free and all donations go to fund Howard Brown Health Center and the wonderful work that organization does.

We are motivated to do the show for a few reasons:

1. Entertainment – We want to provide a free forum where the Chicago community can come and listen to some great stories in a cozy atmosphere.

2. Awareness – We want to provide a platform for Chicago’s most talented readers and writers to showcase their work. These people work hard and deserve to be recognized for their talents.

3. Community – We want a story to really speak to someone else. The more we can relate to someone’s life experiences, the more we can empathize with that person. And empathy is what breeds understanding and connectivity. We hope that when people, both readers and listeners, come to the show, they leave feeling a bit more connected to one another.

Alyson and Keith have put in countless hours to produce Essay Fiesta month after month. Although we don’t have huge overhead costs, there are some on occasion, and it would really help us out if you could contribute anything at all to help us continue to produce this show.

So if you love Essay Fiesta and The Book Cellar and Howard Brown, click on that link to your right that says “Donate” and give whatever you can. Every dollar helps.

Thank you.


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