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Keith’s Essay Fiesta Favorite Things

Earlier this week, we highlighted Essay Fiesta co-producer Alyson Lyon’s favorite things about the series. Now it’s time to rifle through the memory store of co-producer Keith Ecker and pull out some choice moments that strike his fancy. The following, in no real order, are some of Keith’s Essay Fiesta favorite things: 1. Showcasing amazing … Continue reading

Get To Know: Andrew Reilly

We love welcoming back past readers. And we’re super enthused to be saying hello again to Andrew Reilly. He’ll be reading at the next Essay Fiesta on Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar. Andrew is an award-winning writer. He has written for a number of publications including The Onion’s A.V. Club and … Continue reading

Get To Know: Martha Reeves

Essay Fiesta tries to remain as modest as possible. But we kind of have to admit that our January line-up is absolutely stellar. Today we’re introducing you to another one of our very talented guests: Martha Reeves. Hailing from Boston, Martha  made her way to the Midwest in 2009.  She’s currently a network playwright at … Continue reading

Essay Fiesta’s Lessons On Life

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! Tomorrow is the big Chicago Story Collective spectacular “Holidays Are Hell.” It is going to be the most amazing Christmas holiday reading charity show you will ever see! If you’re still on the fence, let us try to convince you to come and celebrate at 10 p.m at Town Hall Pub: … Continue reading

The Story Behind The Tonsils

If you were at the last Essay Fiesta, you would have heard the story of Keith’s tonsil infection that almost prevented him from reading at the anniversary show. As you may not know, Keith is still battling this infection, despite nearly two weeks of antibiotics. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Keith may … Continue reading

Go See Stories at The Store

Thank you everyone who made the Essay Fiesta one-year anniversary a huge success! The show was absolutely amazing, and you all helped us raise more than $300 for Howard Brown Health Center. Go you! The reading series fun doesn’t stop with us, though. We wanted to let you know about another amazing show happening tomorrow … Continue reading

Why Kelsie Huff Is Awesome!

Whoa! Is the Essay Fiesta anniversary really just a weekend away? It is! And we couldn’t be more excited. Unfortunately the amazing Cameron Esposito can no longer join us for this glorious occasion. But stepping in for her is another uber-talented performer: Kelsie Huff. And that’s just one reason why Kelsie Huff is awesome! It … Continue reading

Why Deanna Moffitt Is Awesome!

Essay Fiesta doesn’t believe in competition. Well, we know it exists. Why else would anyone watch professional wrestling, basketball or The Real Housewives of Atlanta? But when it comes to creating a successful reading series, we believe there’s room for all. In fact, our philosophy is that the more we help each other, the more … Continue reading

Why Andy Bayiates Is Awesome

Essay Fiesta is just a few days away.Can you feel the excitement in the air? Can you?!? Well, we’re very excited to welcome back the delightful Andy Bayiates, who is getting the “Why So-And-So Is Awesome” treatment today. Andy has entertained audiences across Chicago with his sometimes heartwarming, often quirky and always honest essays. He’s … Continue reading

Why Jen Bosworth Is Awesome

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! Continuing in our series of “Why So-And-So Is Awesome,” we arrive at Jen Bosworth. After a stint in L.A., Jen returned to her hometown of Chicago. Armed with an acting background, she decided to break into the world of storytelling by starting Stories at The Store. That’s when her path crossed … Continue reading