Essay Fiesta Shops At The Brown Elephant

Essay Fiesta enjoys shopping. But in these economic times, we just don’t have the money to throw down like we used to. What’s a reading series to do? Two words: Brown. Elephant.

What’s not to love about this place? They’ve got cool finds, great prices and three convenient locations. Plus the stores directly fund Howard Brown Health Center. That means that Ninja Turtles VHS you just bought could help enhance someone’s quality of life. For realz!

Moving to a new apartment soon and don’t have any takers for your Hall & Oates CD collection or those 12 pairs of GAP jeans that you know you can’t fit into anymore? Give the Brown Elephant a call and they’ll pick them up for free. Plus, it’s a tax write-off!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Brown Elephant today!


One thought on “Essay Fiesta Shops At The Brown Elephant

  1. And a great place to find CD’s to replace those old cassettes with–that can then be imported into your iTunes! But be sure to make sure the CD is IN the case before you buy. Totally bummed yesterday (Andersonville location) that the first Cranberries album was just a hollow case.

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