Essay Fiesta Performs At Art Haus

Tonight at 8 p.m. at Berlin Nightclub, Essay Fiesta will be joining a huge cast of Chicago’s top talent at the art series Art Haus hosted and produced by Essay Fiesta alum Adam Guerino.

Here’s the line-up, as written by Adam:

Gasp at painters Atom Basham, Harlan Vaughn and Jack McLaughlin as they present a one-night 3-some art exhibition.

Behold comedians Bill Cruz, Molly Moon, Bradley Thomas, Joe Fernandez, Cameron Esposito and Candy Lawrence as t…hey perform their amazing “Death Of An American Apparel Salesman” act. Without a net!

Marvel with musicians Diva Kai and Manny Capozzi as they duet to the very best of the Jonas Brothers! Without a net!

Clench your bowels at the tempestuous essay reading “My Bowels, A Mutiny” from Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon.

Guffaw at sinsational monologues from Kris Hyland and Jillian Erickson.

Try-not-to-undress-with-your-eyes with the stellar cabaret singer Vallery Dolls and sexy accompanist Aaron Benham.

Prior to the show at 6:30 p.m, several art workshops will be taking place. This is where artists of all experience levels can mingle and present material for the group to consider. Breakout workshops include a joke writing round-table, a singer/songwriter circle and a monologue throwdown.


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