Essay Fiesta Says Get To Know John Barry

Essay Fiesta is in the air! Which means it’s time to start letting you get a little personal with our upcoming readers. Our first reader to highlight is stand-up comic John Barry!

Essay Fiesta first met John Barry when we all helped alum Bryan Bowden move his stuff to his girlfriend’s place. Let us tell you, that guy can lift! Oh, and he’s also funny!

John was a bit of a slacker business major who moved to New York after graduating and became a slacker employee. There, in the business world, he discovered his superior sense of humor and decided that his business should be the funny business. So he left the Big Apple and headed to the city of Big Shoulders.

You can catch John performing all around town all the time. Or you can catch him at Essay Fiesta on Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar.


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