The Story Behind The Tonsils

If you were at the last Essay Fiesta, you would have heard the story of Keith’s tonsil infection that almost prevented him from reading at the anniversary show. As you may not know, Keith is still battling this infection, despite nearly two weeks of antibiotics.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Keith may have to get a tonsillectomy, which is doctor speak for getting one’s tonsils removed. This is an easy procedure when you’re a baby. The doctor goes in, cuts out those little throat nodes and then you eat ice cream for a few days. As an adult, this procedure is much more serious. Throat scarring and regular bleeding are pretty common. Most people are laid up for at least two weeks.

If anyone out there has any experience with tonsil infections or tonsillectomies, please leave a comment on the blog. Keith would like all the information he can get, as well as some moral support. Frankly, he’s sick of being sick.

Which reminds us, please keep supporting Howard Brown Health Center. The Midwest’s largest GLBT community health organization needs your help. Give a donation today!


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