Essay Fiests Says Go See Some Theater!

Looking for a unique, site-specific holiday-themed play this holiday season? Look no holiday-further!

Redeemers, a New Leaf Theatre production by Bilal Dardai of The Neo-futurists, is a modern-day take on where A Christmas Carol leaves off.  A former miser/boss does good…But! Those who had been formerly thrwarted by him aren’t so quick to forgive. Office pranks to test his authenticity unfold.

The show is set in Rocco Rannali’s on Lincoln. Grab a pizza before or after the show…you might just end up in a food coma, and it’s hard to utter the words “Bah-hum-bug” when you’re in a food coma! Bonus!
Or check out About Face Theatre’s newest production FLOAT. This compelling Christmas play centers around five women in small-town Illinois. As they piece together the annual holiday float, discussions start getting a little too real. What results is a hilarious and emotional journey that is a splendid holiday treat.



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