Tonight, Essay Fiesta…Wednesday, Stories at the Store

Yahoo! More stories from Chicago’s storytelling enthusiasts! Tonight is our 16th installment of Essay Fiesta! Come out and celebrate with some great stories by the likes of Ian Belknap, Dennis Frymire, Janna Sobel, Arch Jamjun and John Wilson.

Then on Wednesday, come on down to The Store (Halsted & Armitage) for Jen Bosworth’s story night.  The show starts at 8 p.m. and features: Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker and Alyson Lyon; This Much Is True’s Scott Whitehair and 2nd Story’s Andrew Reilly.

It’s certain to be a killer show, and it’s free! Can’t beat that with a stick.


One thought on “Tonight, Essay Fiesta…Wednesday, Stories at the Store

  1. Can I just say? OUTSTANDING show tonight, y’all. Amazing readers–so glad I came out. However, when you asked us all to say our favorite president out loud, the only name I could think of was “Benjamin Franklin.” …sigh. Maybe next President’s Day.

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