Essay Fiesta Announces April Line-Up!

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! April is shaping up to be a pretty amazing month for us. We have a stellar line up of some of Chicago’s most talented writers. Also, for the first time in Essay Fiesta history, Keith is going to be missing the show. (He’s taking a trip to Costa Rica.) In his place is the lovely Jen Bosworth, host of Stories at the Store. Also also, the Chicago Story Collective (which includes Keith, Alyson, Jen and Story Club producer Dana Norris) is producing an all-new show on April 29 at Town Hall pub.

So without further ado, here’s the April line up!

Chicago Writer’s Association President Randy Richardson



This Much Is True founder Scott Whitehair




Gaper’s Block writer J.H. Palmer



Columbia College professor and author David W. Berner



Spoken word artist J.W. Basilo


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