Get To Know Jeremy Solomon And Kristen Studard

This June’s Essay Fiesta is bigger and better than ever! Instead of our usual roster of five guests, we’re coming at you with six! That’s right! A bonus reader! Come out to the Book Cellar to greet new and old faces alike, including the adorable punims of one Jeremy Solomon and another Kristen Studard.

Jeremy Solomon is reading for his first time ever at Essay Fiesta. A stand-up comic, Jeremy co-produces the popular comedy podcast the RyeBread Radio Show. He also is an aspiring fiction author, and he is a perpetual pontificator of puns.

We are pleased to welcome back the uber-talented comic Kristen Studard. What has Kristen not done? From stand-up to sketch to improv, she’s a regular renaissance gal of comedy. You may also recognize her from her day job at Threadless, an amazing t-shirt company!



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