Book Marketing Strategies

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Are you writing a book? Have you written a book but have yet to search for a lit agent or publisher? Or are you thinking about going down the self-publishing route? Regardless of where you are on the publishing path, you should consider book marketing strategies.

Book marketing is an essential part selling your finishing book. Without garnering attention and raising awareness of your work, potential readers will not be aware that the fruit of your hard work even exists. Book marketing strategies are varied. They are not just a press release to media outlets urging them to review your book. They should include robust online campaigns, utilizing such technologies as Facebook, Twitter and blogs. They should also incorporate “author branding.” Author branding is the process of developing a reputation for the author. By developing your own personal brand, readers will be even more interested in purchasing your books. Other facets of book marketing include book trailers and teasers as well as author bios, book synopsis and book covers.

If you are on your own publishing path and are considering book marketing strategies and services, contact Essay Fiesta’s Keith Ecker. Keith is a professional marketer with years of experience developing and consulting on marketing strategies for a number of companies. His marketing agency, Hungry Eyes, will be launching on Sept. 1. But he is currently taking on authors and publishers as clients at special reduced rates in advance of this date.

If you want to partner with an intelligent and strategic marketer that knows how to work with the media to get you the attention you deserve, contact Keith today.


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