Essay Fiesta Update

Hello Essay Fiesta fans! We’ve got a few small news bits for you. So strap yourself in and prepare to get updated.

  • First, Alyson Lyon and Keith Ecker will be appearing tonight at Story Club. Story Club is an eclectic literary event with an open-mic component. It is also hosted by the adorable Dana Norris. So come on out to Uncomon Ground on Clark at 8 p.m. and prepare to get storied.
  • Second, the talented Dennis Frymire has had to drop out of the next Essay Fiesta, which is on Aug. 15. However, filling the empty slot is the always entertaining Robyn Okrant.Robyn Okrant
  • Finally, we will be sending out our monthly newsletter next week. If you would like to sign up to receive it directly in your inbox, click here.

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